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POWER Hour Talks is committed to Educational Empowerment of Youth through Mentorship in Sports. Our Team consists of Mental Health Professionals, Professional Athletes, and Business Professionals coming together to show others how their struggles were used as a catalyst to achieve success. 


We are writing a book on the Power Hour, which discusses life skills and habits that many elite athletes and over achievers have in common. Listen to our Podcast on iTunes & Spotify!

Our team

leyla bagheri

Performance & Well Being Coach

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I'm a performance & well-being coach in the health and business industry, helping doctors, dentists, psychologists, counsellors, and entrepreneurs to perform optimally without burnout, and feel more fulfilled and energized. 

I am putting together courses on the fundamentals of maintaining good mental health for the general public. One of my main goals is to integrate Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into the mainstream education system to give children the right foundation to succeed and live full lives. 

edwin baker

Certified Personal Trainer 

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At a young age I realized the impact that eating certain foods had on my body. I was 12 years old when I stopped eating red meat. Over the years of playing at an elite level in the NFL I honed in on my mental training and took my performance to another level by unlocking a deep focus in the moment, and executing yard by yard on the field.


I am a Certified Personal Trainer in Metro Detroit Area. I founded Power Hour Fitness in 2020. Visit PowerHourFitApp.com for a FREE Trial of our program.