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When you haven't been exercising for a long period of time you always want to ease into a routine progressively. Many people make the mistake of thinking that doing very strenuous exercises will yield better results faster, but it's not necessarily true. To build muscle mass and increase your body strength we need to change our bodies. This involves sleeping more effectively, exercising earlier in the day to ensure that you have extra energy for afternoon meetings and work periods.

Lifestyle changes will be essential to ensuring that your body actually is burning more calories than you are consuming daily, and help you avoid feeling hungry to begin with. When you eat intentionally, moving with purpose and a plan, you can end up doing a lot in a short period of time. With Clearly set out Goals, you can manage your progress, fine tune your techniques to ensure you get the best results and reach your goals faster than planned.

The reality is that some habits really do make HUGE changes in the Results we can obtain. The Power Hour is a simple idea that can yield immense effects in terms of productivity and the Quality of Life one can experience simply because they live a life with purpose.

Written by Bahador Khani

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Navy SEALS Mental Toughness Techniques

Updated: Apr 8

Have you ever wondered how it is that some people can handle extremely stressful situations well, and lead in the moments that most of us are looking for comfort and leadership. These people have been trained, either formally or by virtue of life experience and having inherent leadership qualities. There have been articles and studies done that examined the techniques the Army and in particular the Navy SEALs would use to ensure that soldiers will be able to execute their missions despite the most challenging of circumstances and extreme levels of stress in life or death situations. Here are 3 Tips from a former Navy Seal 1. Eat the Elephant : Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to get a remarkable amount of work done in a short period of time? They simply do small tasks one at a time until the cumulative effects of their efforts yield impressive results. There's no way around it though, this requires having a Strong WHY and Purpose behind your actions. 2. Visualize Success : The Mental Game is just as important as your physical performance. In fact it directly impacts your ability to perform physically. If you have a strong set of Affirmations and do practices such as Meditation and Visualization you can create the conditions that will be more likely to lead to positive results. The POWER of Words is known and the Law of Attraction has shown that we need to know exactly what we want. 3. Find your Tribe : Getting through any rigorous task will be difficult without having a Strong Support System. Having a few strong and meaningful relationships will be critical to creating the right social conditions to thrive whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or just want to have a better quality of life.

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We're all living in busier times than ever. The Global Pandemic that has arisen as a result of Covid-19 has caused us to all have to spend more time at home and use our cooking skills to nourish our hunger. Due to the fact that we don't have many options or simply must stay at home, many people have rediscovered how much they enjoy cooking and how tasty their own food could be. Here are a few tips to make some positive changes in your lifestyle using Nutrition and being intentional about what you intake.

1. Drink Lots of Water : Aim for 3L of water a day or 10 cups

2. Eat a light meal early in the day : Our bodies are detoxing early in the day, especially between 5 am - 11 am. Try to eat Fruit and Oatmeal with any seeds, or nuts that you like.

3. Drinking Green Tea is a great way to increase your energy levels without experiencing a crash afterwards. Drinking 5-10 cups a day of green tea can be equal to 2 cups of coffee.

Written by Bahador Khani

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