Our Mission

Power Hour Talks is committed to Educational Empowerment of Youth through Mentorship in Sports to obtain Scholarships. We believe in the inherent unlimited potential each human being possesses when they believe in themselves and have the right people surrounding them, so they can make better decisions more often.

POWER Hour Talks is committed to creating a platform to provide Mental Health services to the Public and to our Members. Our Team consists of Mental Health Professionals, Professional Athletes, and Business Professionals coming together to show others how their struggles were used as a catalyst to achieving success. The platform provides essential services to Youth, Student Athletes, and at-risk communities.  

Our team

Bahador Khani


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I discovered through a series of challenges how some habits make all the difference in whether or not I can achieve my goals. The Power Hour is a habit I created, which has led to major breakthroughs in my quality of life. This habit is like a muscle that you strengthen over time, using both modern and traditional methods and requires no more than 1 hour per day, a few times a week. I want to share what served me well to others and help people see the potential within themselves. 


  • JD, Michigan State University College of Law

  • BAS Finance, York University 


Certified Player Agent, CFL 

Certified Civil Facilitative Mediator, Michigan

Licensed Realtor, Ontario